Saturday, February 23, 2013

High Volume High Feb 22 Edition

The list of high volume highs for the Feb 22 trading day. As investors, most do not like to chase gains up, but high volume highs have a tendency (at least as a group, any one stock or fund can differ) to beat the market after achieving this milestone.

Volume Off the High Feb 22 Edition

The companies falling from recent highs on volume. Again, this is a warning signal that should be heeded, if you own any volume off the stock or fund put your stops in and do some more research...... at the very least. If you don't own any, maybe these are good short candidates.

All That Glitters- Gold/Precious Metal Stocks Remain a Buy

With the price of gold still below $1,600 per ounce and the money supply slowly ticking upward, the timing models remain with the strong buy zone, i.e. at or below -2 on the 6-month and 1-year models. I am not going to get into to much for this weekly comment, as I went into greater detail earlier in the week. However, I did want to update you on the latest models results, which are shown below.

3-Month Model, -1.8

1-Year Model,  -2.3

6-Month Model, -2

As you can see, both the 1-year and 6-month model remain in a strong buy zone. I would also note the timing models do not enter the strong buy zones often. In fact, since January 2000 or more than 600 weekly observations the timing models have only registered measures at or below present results a handful of times. The1-year model has only been at a -2.3 or less three times in the last 12 years while the 3-month model has been a -1.8 or less in 19 instance. As for the 6-month model, it has registered a -2 or less in just 13 observations. I continue to accumulate gold and precious metal stock shares at these levels.