Friday, October 18, 2013

PepsiCo's Not So Disruptive Disruptive Innovation

I was reading the below excerpt from the article found here after the jump and I think it highlights one of the key aspects of the over and miss use of the word innovation. The excerpt from Elaine Watson of the Food Navigator site details comments from PepsiCo's CEO.

PepsiCo's CEO goes further and states.

The articles seems to imply the CEO's definition of disruptive innovation is to change the formula of the Pepsi. Really? It may be early in anything out yet, but it appears like PepsiCo's CEO really needs to look up the definition of disruptive innovation. At the very least, she needs to stop throwing the mindless business euphemisms around to sound more 'ahead-of-curve' or if she was aligning all the 'ducks-in-a-row'. 

All joking aside, I think this is a great example of corporate speak and the the misuse of the phrase disruptive innovation. For remainders, disruptive innovation is a product or service that draws non-consumers of entrant product into the market, through either process, form, and/or price point. A change in the formula is not disruptive. If anything, a formula change is a sustaining innovation. More so, a change in the formula more than likely reflects PepsiCo's response to new entrants into the market and the entrants ability to capture market by competing across value lines that PepsiCo was unwilling or unable to compete. If any anything, PepsiCo is the established competitor being disruptive.

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