Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Market Recap- Jan 29

As I stated previously, I was planning on making some changes to what and I how publish. Going forward, I plan on combining the price/volume movers, heat map, and notable ratings changes in to one posting. Right now I am calling it Market Recap, but I really dislike that name. It will likely change. So with that, here is a review of yesterday's trading

In yesterday's trading, the market experienced a snap-back rally after three days of viscous, high volume declines. For the most part, all sectors traded to positive side with most stocks in the S&P 500 participating in the 60 basis point rally. That is outside of the tech sector, whose performance was hit by the decline in AAPL shares.

The heat map reflects the price the increase in prices, with most sectors showing higher overall demand, sans telecom and utilities. That aside, total volume on the S&P 500 was decelerated versus the previous days turnover. More so, total volume came in on par if not weaker than average. Despite the demand surge shown in the heat map, the overall price/volume set up to me suggests that the 200 day moving average is in play.

High Volume High

Not a lot action for high volume names, which calls into the question the veracity of the price rebound. Looking at the names, I would be leary of OSK despite the the stock making new highs. This is as the rally was heavily faded. However, the gain in WAT may have some legs after the company beat the Street's guess on earnings. More so, the shares appear to offer some relative value.

Volume off the High

More names came off the highs in yesterday's trading despite the overall rally attempt. The most notable standout was AAPL, whose shares pierced the 200 day moving average. I think this puts the $450 price level as standout possibility as to where shares will trade. Additionally, the break in the GLW shares now suggests the October 2013 gap will close.

Notable Rating Changes

Although the price/volume tenor of the market remains negatively bent, the analyst community remains positively oriented. Who can blame them. Momentum and trend remain their allie. There were no notable downgrades or negative ratings actions that occurred yesterday.


No notable rating changes occurred January 28

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